About the Journal

The Journal welcomes contributions from both academics and practitioners on all aspects of career development, including:

- Career guidance and career education 

- Careers work in schools, colleges, universities, training providers, in the workplace,  in organisational and in community settings.  

- Career theory, policy, research, and practice

- Support for diverse needs and service user groups, and associated equality issues

The journal is multi-disciplinary and welcomes a variety of perspectives.  Some issues will be themed around an area of current interest. 


Current Issue

Vol. 52 No. 1 (2024): Special issue: Disciplinary perspectives in career development

This special issue addresses disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives on the study of careers and career development.  The issue includes an article commemorating the enormous contribution to European career guidance made by Professor Ronald Sultana, who sadly passed away in late 2023.  

Published: 17-04-2024

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